TABC Permits

Mixed Beverage Permits

  • $5 fee for County Clerk certification


Beer & Wine Off Premise Consumption Permits

  •  $5 fee for County Clerk certification and if contested $25 fee for County Judge hearing.


To obtain a license/permit to sell/serve alcoholic beverages in Rockwall County you must contact the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC).


Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS):

One of the requirements will be to obtain the County Clerk’s certification on a TABC Prequalification Packet. You will be asked to complete the packet with information concerning your proposed business location for which you are applying to sell/serve alcoholic beverages. The information will be used to obtain your prequalification to hold a license/permit. You will submit the information to various governmental entities for certification that your proposed location is legal for the type of license/permit for which you are applying. The County Clerk will be one of the governmental entities.

The County Clerk requires that the packet be certified by the City Secretary in the city where the proposed location exists prior to requesting the county’s certification. Once certified by the proper City Secretary, you may request the County Clerk’s certification. Here is the process to follow:

  • Mail the proper TABC packet, such as On-Premises Prequalification Packet or Off-Premise Prequalification Packet to the County Clerk’s office.
      Jennifer Fogg
      Rockwall County Clerk
      1111 E. Yellowjacket Lane
      Suite 100
      Rockwall, TX 75087
      Phone: (972) 204-6301
  • Include payment for the County Clerk’s certification, $5. View the forms of payment accepted.
  • Please provide a self-addressed envelope.
  • The County Clerk will then verify the proposed location is in a wet area for the license/permit requested.
  • If the County Clerk finds this to be true, she will then certify the document by signature, seal, cashier the payment and mail it back to you.


Any questions may be directed to TABC or the County Clerk at (972) 204-6301 or email


All Archived TABC Permits


  1. JFogg

    Jennifer Fogg

    County Clerk

  2. County Clerk

    Physical Address
    1111 E Yellowjacket Lane
    Suite 100
    Rockwall, TX 75087


    Fax: 972-204-6309


    Monday thru Friday

    8 am to 5 pm
    All final transactions should be completed by 4 pm

    Except County Holidays

    Most GPS and internet maps are wrong on our location. We are 0.3 miles east of Goliad/SH 205.