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Effective Immediately

Due to House Bill 1195 being signed by the Governor, the Rockwall County Clerk will require a valid ID upon presentation of all in person documents for filing in the Property Department.

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Rockwall County Clerk Jennifer Fogg is committed to making historical records accessible to the public. We now offer a new and more efficient way of searching "Official Public Records" with our new Rapid Online Access Method (ROAM). Instructions for ROAM Website

Foreclosure Notices

Access to Rockwall County's Foreclosure Notices.


Filing Fees

  • $26 for the first page (Please see General Requirements)
  • $4 for each additional page
  • For Plats it is $50 per page. You must also file tax certificates for the regular price when filing Plats.
  • For each grantor or grantee name in excess of 5 names an additional $0.25 is added.
  • UCC Financing Statement fees are $36 if the record consists of 1 or 2 pages; $51 if the record consists of more than 2 pages.


General Requirements

  • ALL documents must include a 2-inch-by-4-inch blank space at the bottom of the last page to accommodate the certification label. If there is insufficient space, the label will be placed on the back side of the last page. This will create an additional page and an additional $4 page fee will apply.
  • ALL efiled documents must include a 2-inch-by-4-inch blank space at the bottom of the last page to accommodate the certification label. If there is insufficient space, the document will be rejected until the document is resubmitted with an additional $4 page fee included.
  • When filing an abstract of judgment, the plaintiff's address must be included, or the filing fee is doubled.
  • We cannot file copies - all signatures must be an original or certified copy.
  • Names must be printed or typed below the signature line.
  • When filing Correction Instruments, it must conform to Texas Property Code Chapter 5.


Plat Recording Requirements


  • The size of the plat shall be no smaller than 18" x 24" and no larger than 24" x 36".
  • The County Clerk's Office requires one black line copy with all original seals and signatures; NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The plat must show the following:
    • Certification and Dedication by the owner (additional name in the dedication and the title section must be the same).
    • Certification by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.
    • Certification and approval by the City if within the City's ETJ.
    • Approval by Commissioners if needed.
    • Complete legal description; All replats must reference the original plat information.
  • Signatures must be original, and names must be printed under each signature line. If the owner is a company, that company name must be above the signature line.
  • Signatures must be acknowledged by a Notary. Notary's name must be printed under each signature. The Notary's seal must be affixed, must be legible, and the Notary's expiration date must be shown.
  • Seals must be affixed by whomever approves the plat, whether it is the City or the County, as well as the Surveyor and Notary.
  • All signatures, printed names, stamps, and seals must be legible. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Tax Certificates: any and all plats must have original tax certificates, issued within 90 days from filing, from ALL taxing units within jurisdiction of the real property indicating that no delinquent ad valorem taxes are owed and that taxes imposed for the current year have been paid. Refer to Sec 12(e) Texas Property Code for complete list of legal requirements.



Bond to Indemnify


***Note: We cannot make a refund of over payment, when paid by checks. ***

Revised 3.3.2021


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