Civil Filing Fees

Forcible Detainer and Civil Filing

For each person, corporation, or legal entity on service of subpoena, citation, summons, or process not otherwise provided for is performed or attempted and return made.The Constable or Sheriff shall receive a fee as stated below. This includes mileage, if any.

Forcible Detainer / Eviction Suits

The suit must be filed in the Precinct where the property is located.

DescriptionFiling FeeService Fee
Forcible Detainer / Eviction$54$100

Small Claims / Debt Claims / Repair and Remedy Claims

DescriptionFiling FeeService Fee
Justice Court / Small Claims$54$100 (per person)
Occupational Driver's License$54N/A

Miscellaneous Filings
DescriptionFiling FeeService Fee
Abstract of Judgment$7N/A
Writ of Possession$7$200
Writ of Sequestration$7$200
Writ of Garnishment$7$200
Writ of Execution$7$200


For questions regarding filing fees, please contact 

  • Precinct 1 at phone 972-204-6740
  • Precinct 2 at phone 972-204-6730
  • Precinct 3 at phone 972-204-6720
  • Precinct 4 at phone 972-204-6710

We request that any filings are completed by 3:30 p.m. every business day.