Library Advisory Board

Rockwall County Library Advisory Board

Rockwall County Library Advisory Board was created by the Commissioners Court in 1951 for the sole purpose of fostering the Rockwall County Library by encouraging its development, recommending to the Court policies and programs; reviewing the annual needs of the Library prior to the submission of the budget to the Court; and cooperating with all other public and private groups in advancing the interest of the Library.

The Board consists of 2 members from each Commissioner's precinct and 1 member at large selected by the County Judge. Members serve voluntarily for a period of two years and may be reappointed for 2 more years. Bylaws of the Library Advisory Board

Current Board Members

Precinct 1:
Sarah Lawson (2020-2022)
Janice Carson (2019-2023)

Precinct 2:
Margaret Davidson (2020-2024)
Richard Krause (2021-2023)

Precinct 3:
Lynn Fate (2020-2024)
Beth McCrackin (2021-2023)

Precinct 4:
Lorne Megyesi (2019-2023)

Heather Buegeler (2022-2024)

At Large:
Carla Bosteder (2020-2024)

County Judge David Sweet
Library Director Marcine McCulley