Item Check Out

  • Videos and DVDs (maximum is 3 per family) - 7 days, no renewals
  • All other items - 21 days. Up to 2 renewals are possible if no one is waiting for the item
  • Maximum of 3 books on one subject per family
New Patrons
New patrons may check out 3 items per family on the first day a card is issued - 1 of the 3 items may be a video. After the 1st 3 items are returned, patrons may check out up to 30 items per family.

Late Fines
The schedule below shows late fees per day, up to the item's replacement value.
Video tapes and DVDs $0.50
All others $0.15

Other Fees
Interlibrary loan books, films, or videos Cost of postage
Replacement of lost library card $3 (photo ID required)
Replacement of lost or damaged materials $7 processing fee per item, plus replacement cost