Family Violence Prosecution Unit

There is so much in the world to fear - home should be the one place we know we are safe. When a person you care about (a current or former dating partner, a current or former spouse, or a member of your family) is the one who hurts you, then it can feel like there is no safe place. 

The Rockwall District Attorney's Office is deeply committed to making home the safe place it should be for the citizens of Rockwall County. The complexity of these cases combined with the threat of continued violence, and the ever-shifting family dynamic between victim and offender requires that they be handled by experienced prosecutors with specialized training. 

The Family Violence Division of the Rockwall County District Attorney's Office was established to provide the continuity and specially trained personnel required to prosecute these cases most effectively.

The Rockwall District Attorney's Office Family Violence Division can be contacted at phone 972-204-6800.