The Texas Constitution specifies that the Commissioner's Court is the governing body of the County and is to carry out the administrative and judicial responsibilities for the State, as well as a growing number of permissive authorities.

Main Functions
The main functions performed by the Commissioner's are:
  • Appointing numerous officials
  • Approving all County expenditures
  • Assuring safe-keeping of records
  • Building and maintaining public buildings and facilities
  • Determining how all revenue is distributed
  • Developing and managing the County budget
  • Establishing and enforcing land development regulations
  • Establishing and managing personnel policy
  • Letting contracts be in the name of the County
  • Maintaining and building County roads
  • Promoting cooperative planning opportunities
  • Providing a courthouse and jail
  • Providing all election services
  • Providing for law enforcement
  • Providing health and welfare services
  • Setting the County tax rate