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Texas Public Information Act Request Form

  1. Rockwall County Texas Public Information Act Request
  2. This is a request under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Government Code (formerly V.T.C.S. article 6252) as well as Article I, Sec. 8 of the Texas Constitution, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, the common law of the State of Texas and any statue providing for public access to government information. I hereby request the following information currently existing in the records of Rockwall County, Texas: (Provide detailed information about what type(s) of information and/or documents you want to receive)
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    I understand that I must pay $0.10 per page for standard size copies and that a charge for labor may be included for larger requests. Information copied onto non standard size paper, cassette tapes, computer disc, photographs and other medium will require additional charges. All charges must be paid at the time of delivery unless the estimated costs exceed $100.00 in which case payment may be required in advance. An estimate of the charges will be provided to me in advance. If the requester desires to inspect the original records, the requester will be provided with information on when the information will be available for inspection and/or how to schedule an appointment with the appropriate officer/employee. The requester reserves the right to request copies after inspecting the originals. An estimate of charges will be provided to the requester in advance.

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