Volunteer Information

The best way to help after a disaster is to become an affiliated volunteer prior to a disaster. The Office of Emergency Management encourages interested individuals to become affiliated with volunteer organizations such as CERT, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Texas Baptist Men, etc. For a list of organizations that serve in disasters, please go to the Texas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) website or learn how to Get Involved locally

Many times after a disaster we have an immediate desire to help the neighbors in our community.  However, it is extremely important to never spontaneously deploy to the scene of an incident. By arriving at the scene without being asked to do so, you put yourself in harms way and impede the effectiveness of first responders. During the immediate aftermath of a large-scale disaster, the focus is on saving lives and protecting property. 

Affiliated Volunteers

If you are a registered and active member of a voluntary organization that responds during disasters, please refer to that organization's policies and procedures on activation and response. DO NOT self-deploy to a disaster. 

Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers

If you are an individual that wishes to help disaster survivors, please monitor this website, local media, and official social media channels for information on Volunteer Reception Center location and hours of operation. DO NOT self-deploy to a disaster.