Mass Gathering Permit

From time to time, businesses or organizations may seek to hold events in unincorporated areas of the County which would qualify as a Mass Gathering under the Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 751 which states:
1. "Mass gathering" means a gathering:
A. that is held outside the limits of a municipality;
B. that attracts or is expected to attract:
i. more than 2,500 persons; or
ii. more than 500 persons, if 51 percent or more of those persons may reasonably be expected to be younger than 21 years of age and it is planned or may reasonably be expected that alcoholic beverages will be sold, served, or consumed at or around the gathering; and
C. at which the persons will remain:
i. for more than five continuous hours; or
ii. for any amount of time during the period beginning at 10 p.m. and ending at 4 a.m.

Additionally, a permit is required for those events including “a horse or greyhound race that attracts or is expected to attract at least 100 persons, except that this chapter does not apply if the race is held at a location at which pari-mutuel wagering is authorized under the Texas Racing Act.” See Tex. Health and Safety Code §751.0021.

If the event plans you or your organization have meet the above requirements, please fill out the attached form and submit your request for a Mass Gathering Permit. Please submit your request within the timeline required for proper review by the appropriate County officials.

You may download and print this request to submit in person to the Rockwall County Judge’s Office located at 101 E. Rusk St., Rockwall, Texas 75087.

Download Application