Downloadable eBooks & eAudio


A wide variety of eBook and audio book downloads are available from our OverDrive service, including many titles in Kindle and ePub formats.

A new service, Bibliotecha CloudLibrary offers eBook and audio book downloads free to our patrons. It also offers access to about 200,000 titles shared with us by other libraries in the Texas digital lending group. These will only show in your search when they are available for checkout. CloudLibrary avoids most issues with long wait lists.

Additional eBooks can be viewed or downloaded from E-Read Texas .

We also offer the SimplyE platform through the Texas State Library. SimplyE will allow you to choose titles from the E-Read Texas State Library collection as well as our OverDrive collection and our locally owned CloudLibrary collection all in the same app. SimplyE is available on Google Play and in the App Store for iOS. There is not currently a Windows or Kindle version. SimplyE does not incorporate the CloudLibrary titles shared with us in our Texas digital lending group,

A selection of free simple eBooks for kids with read-along audio in several languages is available from Unite for Literacy. These are viewable online with no download required.

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