Mental Health Unit

The Mental Health Unit within the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office serves as a cornerstone to the crisis response system within Rockwall County. Mental Health Deputies assist in responding to emergency calls involving citizens in some form of mental crisis. Our primary goal in these situations is to assist in deescalating the situation and divert citizens that are in need of behavioral health services, away from jails and hospitals, to community-based solutions that deliver effective inpatient and outpatient behavioral health treatment.

The Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office currently has a sergeant and two deputies assigned to the Mental Health Unit. Our Mental Health Deputies are specialized and equipped to deliver crisis intervention techniques when applicable. Through the training requirements established by the Texas Legislature and partnerships with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, and Local Behavioral Health Authorities, the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing citizens the highest degree of public safety and services. 

As TCOLE certified Mental Health Officers (MHO) and acting liaisons for the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office, our Mental Health Deputies are able to collaborate with the Rockwall community and various crisis-response teams offered by the North Texas Behavioral Health Authority. They also work with our local Judges and Licensed Professional Counselors, in the Rockwall County Detention Center, to coordinate the right treatment and care plans during and after incarceration.