County Court At Law #2


Rockwall County Court at Law Number 2 is a general jurisdiction trial court presiding over misdemeanor criminal trials as well as civil trials including family law and juvenile cases. In addition, the court presides over probate matters including guardianships and mental health matters.

Court Case Files

The files of the Rockwall County Court at Law Number 2 are maintained by both the Rockwall County Clerk's office located on the 1st floor of the Rockwall County Courthouse and by the Rockwall County District Clerk's office located on the 2nd floor of the Rockwall County Courthouse.


Questions concerning policies and procedures of the Court should be directed to either of the Court Coordinators: Cristalmar Muñiz and Joni Green.

Occupational Driver's License Application Process

Things Needed for ODL:

    1. Petition for ODL
    2. Judge must sign 3 original orders. Other copies of order will be conformed.
    3. Driving Record
    4. SR22
    5. Waiver from District Attorney's Office
      • If the DA's office contests the ODL, a hearing must be set.
    6. Please note that there is an additional $40 fee for the County Court at Law.
    7. The judge requires 2 additional clauses to be placed in the order:
      • Petitioner shall not have any detectable amount of alcohol while operating a vehicle under this order.
      • Petitioner shall provide proof to the court of completion of an approved program for counseling and rehabilitation services for alcohol dependence within 45 days.
    8. Petition must state where the petitioner works and what the working hours are. If this is not stated in the petition, then applicant must be present to put testimony on the record.
    9. The judge will not approve a period of longer than 12 hours for a work period.

Mediators and Ad Litems

  1. Judge Woodward

    Stephani Woodward

    County Court at Law 2 Judge

  2. Cristalmar Muñiz

    Court Coordinator

  3. Joni Green

    Assistant Court Coordinator

  4. County Court at Law 2

    Physical Address
    1111 East Yellowjacket Lane
    Suite 404
    Rockwall, TX 75087

    Fax: 972-204-6439