For Individuals Wanting to Donate

Helping Hands of Rockwall County has been appointed by the Commissioners' Court as the donations manager for the county. Our office encourages and refers all donations, both financial and tangible to Helping Hands.

Financial Donations

Financial donations can be made to the Helping Hands Disaster Relief Fund on their website at Click the Donate Now link in the top right corner, and choose "Disaster Relief" under Gift Designation. All funds designated to disaster relief will be used to assist and support survivors of a natural or man-made disaster in Rockwall County. 

Gift cards are often the most common requested and most practical donation after a disaster.  Gift cards can be dropped off at the Helping Hands administration offices at 950 Williams St. in Rockwall or the Assistance & Referral office at 401 W. Rusk St. Suite 200. 

Tangible Donations

With a consistent and persistent message we can try to mitigate the “disaster after a disaster”: Donations.  Below is a list of the most requested and possibly hardest to find items after a major natural disaster such as the December 26, 2015 tornado. It is our hope that by having this list available BEFORE a disaster, we can get those affected what they need in a more efficient and timely manner.  IF YOU ARE WANTING TO MAKE A LARGE DONATION OF TANGIBLE GOODS, PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PRIOR TO SENDING.

GIFT CARDS – The absolute best donation other than cash is gift cards.  This allows affected families and individuals to make purchases to meet their immediate and specific needs.  
Work gloves
Dust Masks
Heavy duty trash bags and large trash cans
Plastic Bins (Cardboard boxes are not ideal because of the chance of them getting wet and damaged)
Hand sanitizer, liquid soap, wet wipes
Cleaning supplies: Mops, push brooms, buckets, bleach, Dawn
Sponges, paper towels, shop rags
First aid kits
Disposable diapers (all sizes – kids and adults)
Feminine products
Baby food and formula
Non-perishable food (cans with pull-top lids)
Pet food, litter, and pet crates (all sizes)
Batteries and flashlights

Other needs may be identified based on the specific nature of the disaster.  Also, there are many times where those affected may be in shock immediately after a disaster and not know what their needs are.  This is where gift cards and monetary donations are especially beneficial.