Rockwall County Strategic Plan 2050


Strategic Plan Overview

  • Provide a unified vision for the desired future of Rockwall County.
    1. Create a statement of our values and aspirations.
    2. One County, many stakeholders: Over 100,000 citizens, six municipalities, 2 chambers of Commerce, 2 school districts, North Central Texas Council of Government.
    3. Provide a structure for future Court actions.
  • Create a reference point for future decision-making.
    1. County goals and objectives in the coming years.
    2. Determines the prioritization for future projects and best utilization of resources.
    3. Identify opportunities to utilize grants or other external resources.
  • Stimulate public awareness, bring together communities and increase awareness.


  • Steering Group: Commissioner Dana K. Macalik, Director Chris Lynch, Mr. Mark Kipphut plus court appointed  representatives from local cities, communities, and businesses.
  • Appoint a volunteer county facilitator (Mark Kipphut).
  • Appoint a County government coordinator (Director Chris Lynch).
  • Create an RFQ to solicit proposals to hire a consultant and create a web site.
  • Seek significant public engagement and participation (workshops, forums, on-line comments, surveys, etc.)


Commissioner Dana K. Macalik shares, “Out of this effort, the County and stakeholders will be creating a community wide, agreed definition of who we are, what matters most to us and how we want to address the County’s growth. What defines superior performance, distinctive impact, and lasting endurance? The success of our strategic planning depends on our community being engaged and involved.  Now is the time to focus and develop priorities and strategies that will position our County for success in the future.  I encourage everyone’s input.” 

Steering Committees

  • Regional & Community Design
  • Land Use & Open Spaces
  • Transportation & Mobility
  • County Facilities & Services
  • Environmental Planning & Sustainability 
  • Public Safety & Public Health
  • Economic Development
  • Public Education
  • Housing & Infrastructure
  • Historical Preservation

Implementation Timeline

The goal is to present a final draft plan to the Court by April 2025 for formal adoption.


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